Concorde Magazine - briefing /01

A couple of months ago I was invited to contribute with a new online magazine called Concorde Magazine, focused on ARCHITECTURE, ART, LIFESTYLE and FOOD.I decided to shoot four brutalist buildings in New York for the first issue that was released this week. Bellow are the tearsheets from my story, you can buy the digital version for only 3 EUROS, visit for more info.

Contributors :

Dirk Bakker, Akila Berjaoui, Michael Blank, Carlos Copertone, Belinda Frikh, Ashley G. Garner, Sara Gilbert, Sophie Van Der Perre, Moritz Schell, Ricardo Simal, Ari Taymor, Studio Thomson, Saint Yvy.

Chamber New York

Chamber gallery was designed by Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample from MOS Architects

"Chamber is a boutique of limited edition design, objects and art, in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The space’s unique concept and retail experience is the vision of Argentinian born Founder Juan Garcia Mosqueda. Taking the Renaissance-era “Cabinet of Curiosities” as its inspiration, Chamber aims to be a twenty-first century reliquary for unusual objects as well as a platform for design experimentation. Every two years, Garcia Mosqueda will choose a different designer or creative to curate the shop’s entire program, bringing their unique viewpoint to Chamber through specially- commissioned works and rare and vintage items."